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Biometric Access Control System

Protect yourself from unauthorised access to your premises with our 24/7 maintained access control system.

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People entering and exiting a place may be monitored by biometric access control systems around the clock. Payroll data, carbon footprint, fire roll call and more may all be generated by our specialized software.

Whether it’s a single half-height turnstile for a small development or many full-height turnstiles put on a major building site, our experienced team of engineers provides comprehensive biometric access control solutions.

Turnstiles and the central control unit can’t be connected through wires, thus wireless data transfer bridges are utilized instead. These wireless data transmission bridges, for example, become handy if a road separates the turnstile and the site offices.

Biometric finger scanners and a single or two full-height turnstiles are available as part of our complete plug-and-play cabin solutions as well. Stand-alone or web-based, they are available in cabins. On-site or remotely, our security personnel may handle turnstile access control data.

Clients benefit greatly from our biometric access control solution. Our technology locks the entrance and refuses them entry after confirming that the intruders are not authorized using our biometric authentication method.

You don’t require a security guard since it recognizes people based on their distinct physical traits, reducing expenditures by up to 70 percent.

Why choose us for your Biometric Access Control System Provider?

Biometric readers come in a variety of forms, however the following are the most common:

  • Recognition of fingerprints by use of biometrics
  • Iris retinal recognition (IrisR)
  • Recognition of individuals with the use of facial recognition software
  • Detection of veins


Our access control system is installed and trained by our certified experts to make it simple for you to use on a daily basis. Our product has grown in popularity throughout the years. Clients depend on the safely stored data for a variety of purposes, including emergency call-outs in the event of a fire, payroll, and tracking their carbon impact. Customized reports, on the other hand, may be adjusted to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for an affordable and expert fire and security company, Fast K9 Security can help. You won’t have to pay a single employee for our services; instead, you can sit back and relax while a little gadget takes care of all of your security needs.

For your construction sites, dedicated mobile security patrol

Induction of Online

Our online induction facility offers personnel with health and safety information and the needed training before they visit your site.. Online inductions cut down on the time it takes to train new employees when they first arrive on the job site.

Benefits of Online Training

Onboarding of new employees using a web portal accessible via a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.
The induction process may be easily monitored and reviewed.
A calendar of anticipated employees should be posted clearly and conspicuously.
Keep track of the introduction training that new employees have completed.
Reduce the amount of time you spend performing on-site training.

In-Depth Turntable Pods

Our mobile turnstile pods may be relocated when the layout of the facility changes. ” There is no need for a solid basis or to fasten the cabin to the pod. If you need a biometric fingerprint reader or proximity card reader installed, you may do so. Additional site security may be provided via audio or visual intercom systems.

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