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What kind of security services are you searching for?

You can trust Fast K9 Security to create a customized security solution that meets your specific demands. No matter what sector a company is in, safety is always a top concern. Whatever the size of your retail establishment, you’ll need some kind of retail security service to keep customers and employees safe. High-quality security services are needed in the retail industry, where stealing, stock damage, organized crime, and even anti-social behavior from consumers are common occurrences.

With Fast K9 Security on your side, you can be certain that everyone who enters your shop will feel safe and secure. Customers may rest easy knowing that we’ve taken every precaution to ensure their safety with our custom products. All areas of retail security are taken care of by us, so your employees are free to carry out their duties without having to be concerned about their safety.

All of your security requirements may be met by Fast K9 Security. The following are some of the services we provide:

CCTV installation and round-the-clock monitoring.
Mobile patrols for retail security
– Personnel that have undergone thorough training and certification are on duty.
Access control using biometrics for authorized employees
Officers tasked with keeping an eye out for fires

When it comes to protecting your retail establishment, why should you pick Fast K9 Security?

You may choose from a variety of options at Fast K9 Security. Any retail firm may benefit from 24-hour video surveillance and CCTV since it keeps an eye on all of its locations, including those that aren’t open to the public. All of our installations are done by a team of highly certified and experienced technicians. Visual deterrence and proof are just some of the benefits of using our store security services.

Our CCTV system provides round-the-clock safety. In the event of an emergency, our CCTV security guards will call the appropriate department.

Fully licensed and qualified security personnel from Fast K9 Security ensure that your employees, property and valuables are always safe and secure, no matter what happens. By performing security inspections on a regular basis around your facility, our manned security personnel ensure that everything is working properly.

Mobile patrol service is the most effective physical deterrent

In retail, our mobile patrol service is the most effective physical deterrent we have to offer; it reduces criminal behavior significantly. For the purpose of deterring criminal activity, all of our officers are uniformed and drive recognized police cars.

Our fire alarm system is equipped with sounders and beacons that can notify you in the early stages of a fire. Early warning and evacuation are the most important aspects of a fire safety plan. You can count on our expert fire marshal services to offer you with a team of fire marshals that are focused on keeping your workplace safe from fire. Our fire marshals are well-versed in evacuating a building and ensuring that everyone departs in an orderly manner.

guard patrol monitoring system

Software management system

Guard patrolling software management system

Additionally, we use a guard patrol monitoring system, an advanced and user-friendly solution for tracking security personnel. This system empowers you to:

  • Provide documentation verifying your presence on-site.
  • Demonstrate patrol activities through the utilization of NFC tags positioned around the premises.
  • Immediately submit incident reports.
  • Capture and transmit images of noteworthy incidents.
  • Activate an automated alert in the control room for any overlooked patrols.
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