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Covid19 disinfectant fog

Keep your business, staff, students, patients and visitors safe with our advanced anti-Covid19 disinfectant fog.

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A Corona Free Environment Using Disinfectant Fog

Our newest and most unique service is Anti-Covid19 disinfectant fog. We have been defending companies since the outbreak of Covid19 began. Our new anti-Covid19 disinfection fog enables the fogging of various types of facilities, including building sites, with a disinfectant that is very efficient at eradicating bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Our health and safety treatment significantly minimizes the danger of viral transmission, particularly Covid-19.

The disinfectant fog professionals at Fast K9 Security concentrate on sanitizing all locations, particularly those with difficult-to-reach surfaces. Our skilled team will deploy an antiviral fog machine for a least of 20 minutes in all high-traffic areas of the facility, assuring the highest degree of safety for all occupants. Our hygiene treatment is a rapid procedure that is accessible 24 hours a day, enabling companies to use our services at convenient times that cause the least amount of disturbance to their operations. While our disinfectant fog is intended to combat viruses such as Coronavirus, it also functions as a pesticide.

Fast K9 Security is assisting in the reduction of Covid19 spread by delivering disinfection services to all companies, regardless of their footfall. Our skilled hygiene crew is properly educated to eliminate all germs and always wears personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, aprons, and gloves; this enables our team to treat any exposed areas that may be contaminated. Additionally, PPE protects the eyes, mouth, and nose, which is critical in the event of virus or germ contact.

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