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Our body temperature detection system is a multitasking device that monitors the temperature of the human body while also detecting the face and/or palm. It provides complete protection and helps you to go with your everyday responsibilities without worrying about Covid19. Our walk-through scanning system is ideal for high-traffic areas since it effectively manages the flow of people while also monitoring temperatures in real time. Additionally, it is capable of detecting any unwelcome metal items, such as firearms.

Our body scanning technology has a number of advantages.

  • Temperature measurements that are very precise
  • Rapid rate of recognition
  • Face and palm recognition without physical contact
  • System that is ultra-hygienic
  • If an abnormally high temperature is detected, visual and auditory warnings will sound.
  • Within seconds, a prompt answer
  • Detection of masks

We strongly suggest our body temperature scanning equipment for the following applications:

  • Each office
  • Airports
  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping malls
  • Infirmaries (all healthcare facilities)
  • Educational institutions
  • Conferencing rooms
  • Gatherings of the public
    occurrences (carnival, elections, )

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