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Are you seeking for a reputable security company to protect your educational facility?

At Fast K9 Security, we guarantee that all of our services adhere to the highest professional security guarding standards possible by using cutting-edge fire and security systems. We offer a safeguarding system that protects the students, employees, and visitors to your educational establishment. Fast K9 Security has extensive expertise in the educational security industry, delivering a range of services including the following:

  • School security guards who are uniformed and licensed
  • CCTV setups and monitoring 24 hours a day
  • Mobile patrol security guards in uniform
  • Systems of biometric access control
  • Fire marshals/watchmen on duty


Fast K9 Security provides all of the security solutions you may possibly need whether you administer a school, college, or institution. Allow our devoted staff to safeguard your organization 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our educational institution and school security agents are skilled and experienced in discouraging undesirable behavior and will never allow anything to go undetected.

Why choose us for your your educational facility?

Your educational or school facility may be protected around the clock by a squad of security guards from Fast K9 Security. All desired places are protected by our educational security guarding service, and any unpleasant circumstances are dealt with promptly and professionally by our guards.

Our security guards are on the lookout for any suspicious activity or efforts to gain access to restricted areas. However, our guards may also serve as receptionists and concierges when needed, even though their primary goal is to keep the premises safe and secure.

Because thieves and trespassers are more likely to target certain places like parking lots, our educating security officers at Fast K9 Security concentrate their attention on these areas.

Each camera is monitored by a specialized CCTV security staff, so you can be confident that any suspicious activity will be spotted. Although CCTV serves as a visual deterrent, our guards are also taught to use it as a first reaction system in the event of an emergency. If necessary, they will also call the emergency services. All of our CCTV systems are monitored around the clock.

Choose Fast K9 Security as your Educational Institutes provider

Facial recognition and fingerprint access are two of the biometric methods we use to manage who has access to our building. This service restricts access to critical locations to only those who have been authorized to do so. Because fingerprints are unique, this sort of access control is more secure than conventional key or code access. Every time an unapproved individual tries to enter, they will be sent away.

Your premises are protected from any fire hazards by highly trained and experienced fire marshals that we provide. Even if the fire alarm goes off, it will send an alert to the local fire department. To ensure everyone’s safety in the event of an emergency, clear and straightforward evacuation procedures are in place.

Fast K9 Security is here to keep you and your establishments safe, but our teams are also taught to treat everyone with respect while doing their jobs. So that everyone is always safe and protected, this helps establish a trustworthy connection.

Get in touch with a member of our staff now and we’ll help you choose a package that meets your requirements.

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