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Our body temperature assessment tablet is an extremely precise instrument that requires little setup time and can begin automatically monitoring people’ temperatures in as little as one to two seconds. Our newly built temperature sensor will notify you of any abnormal temperatures via sounding and visual alarms. Our system is a non-contact gadget that is very easy to use, enabling you to adhere to existing regulations. Our temperature monitoring equipment will assist your organization in a variety of ways, including the following: Simple to assemble and operate Self-contained automated system Device that does not need contact Available in a variety of sizes upon request Extremely precise temperature readings 0.03+/- If temperatures exceed a preset level, visual and audio alerts are activated. Rapid reaction within seconds We strongly suggest our temperature monitoring equipment for the following applications: Offices of a small to medium size Boutiques Meeting rooms Our primary objective is to restrict the proliferation of Covid19 in public spaces. If you’re interested in learning more about our temperature tablet, contact us immediately for further information, including a free estimate.
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