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Are you looking for a Wireless Evacuation Alarm System for your construction sites?

Construction site safety may be improved at a low cost by installing a wireless evacuation alert system. Accomplished in accordance with BS EN54 and HSG168.

It costs £400 million annually to put out flames on building sites. This information was taken from the website (

Even if the safety records of the construction industry have improved over the years, there are still a large number of fatalities and severe injuries caused by fire on building sites. Reduce the incidence of fatalities and injuries and offer a safe workplace for our employees.

Our wireless fire alarm and first aid call stations are particularly intended for the construction sector. Using a wireless fire alarm ensures that the site is always monitored and safeguarded from the threat of a fire. We have a wireless fire alarm that is suitable for pop-up events, unoccupied homes and festivals as well as construction sites.

Using mesh network technology, our wireless evacuation alarm system ensures that all alarms are linked, preventing them from malfunctioning. Because your employees are covered, you can rest easy.

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Our wireless evacuation alarm system includes heat and smoke detectors. The ability to detect fires outside of normal business hours is critical, especially on construction sites and in vacant homes. Alert signals from our heat and smoke detectors are sent using radio mesh technology to fire alarms.

Using an auto speed dialer, our monitoring center provides round-the-clock protection for your property from the dangers of fire. As a result of the 85db sirens included into both of our heat and smoke detectors, we’re able to have construction sites evacuated as promptly as feasible.

Our internet portal provides real-time access to all test results and events. Each worker and contractor may get a copy of the fire roll call report, which verifies their safety.

In the event of a fire, our wireless fire alarm may be combined with an access control system to help expedite evacuation.d

For your construction sites, dedicated mobile security patrol

Detection and warning system design

Developing a fire alarm system requires careful planning throughout the design process. A system with the potential to endanger life if it does not detect correctly or does not detect at all may emerge if this phase is not built appropriately.

Standards must be adhered to while installing a fire alarm.

In order to authorize the firm to install this system, the person in charge must ensure that it has the requisite competence to do so by approving the company. It is the engineer’s responsibility to make sure that the alarm system meets the design plan’s standards.

Constructing and Evaluating

An authorized person must conduct commissioning to ensure that all aspects of the system are working properly and that it can be used safely and effectively for its intended purpose.
The first step is to ensure that the system meets the design criteria and schematics, and that the wiring complies with rules and is safe to work with..


Maintaining a fire detection and alarm system is the responsibility of a licensed individual or business. If the risk class is very high or the system is at risk of vandalism, it’s recommended that the system be reviewed at least once every six months, if not more regularly.

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