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Are you looking for Fire Extinguisher Trolleys for your Construction sites in London?

When it comes to building sites and abandoned homes, Fast K9 Security is the go-to company for fire safety precautions. As a construction company, we fully appreciate the need of fire safety protocols. Our wide selection of fire extinguisher carts may be customized to meet the specific demands of every job site. For example, they are available in foam and dry powder, as well as various sizes of Co2 canisters, making them perfect for a wide range of fire threats on construction sites.

In the event of a fire, our fire extinguisher carts are located in convenient places around London. These carts may be readily reloaded when the arrangement of the site changes.

We’ve equipped all of our carts with a fire extinguisher system. Category-one radio and mesh technology are the foundations of our specialized fire evacuation alert system. This implies that all of the alarms communicate with one another and with the central control panel. In order to ensure clear communication, each device is capable of emitting first aid warnings that are distinct from the fire evacuation signal. Despite the tough conditions of a building site, they have long-range radio communication of 1.5 kilometers. IP67.

Trolleys for Fire Extinguishers

We provide customized fire extinguisher trolleys equipped with kite-marked extinguishers that have been certified by competent fire extinguisher specialists.

  • Extinguisher carts with two or three extinguishers
  • Integrated fire alarm and first aid system through a single button.
  • Extinguishers that use CO2 as a fuel source
  • Fire extinguishers that use powder or foam
  • Extinguisher signs in the shape of portraits of stiff plastic
  • Putting everything together and getting it ready for use


Auxiliary fire alarm with wireless push button

  • The underside of the main board has a transparent polycarbonate hole.
  • Master unit with wireless push-buttons for site alarming
  • Whiteboard with magnets
  • Protective measures for a document that is visible
  • Extinguisher sign with a light-up extinguisher stand that may be attached to a wall
  • A first aid kit in a box.
  • Disposal of combustibles

Why should you use use for your London Fire Extinguisher Trolleys?

Our fire trolley services are comprised of two highly sought-after goods. For bigger establishments, we provide a trolley that accommodates two fire extinguishers and a trolley that accommodates three fire extinguishers. Our trolleys are compact and easy to maneuver. All critical information about the proper usage of our trolleys will be clearly labeled on the product. Our trolley technique is the quickest approach to extinguish a fire. This strategy is especially advantageous for persons who suffer from infirmities such as back discomfort or are less able to carry items. Our services owe someone in need a responsibility of care.

Our primary objective is to keep fires out at all times.

Fast K9 Security delivers extremely efficient fire evacuation alarms and extinguishers to assist secure your facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fast K9 Security provides fire and security services on a temporary or long-term basis, at single or numerous locations.

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