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Can a Canine unit in Nottingham  secure a construction site 24/7?

Yes, a well-organized canine unit can provide security for a site 24/7. Dogs trained for security purposes possess heightened senses, making them vigilant and capable of detecting potential threats. When paired with skilled handlers, these canine units can patrol and guard sites round the clock, offering a strong deterrent against trespassers, intruders, or unauthorized individuals.

However, to maintain continuous security coverage, a Canine unit in Nottingham  may need multiple dog-handler teams to rotate shifts and ensure there are no gaps in monitoring the site. Adequate rest and care for the dogs are also essential to ensure their effectiveness in performing their duties consistently throughout the day and night.

Moreover, while canine units can significantly enhance security, it’s often recommended to combine their services with other security measures like surveillance cameras, alarms, fencing, and human security personnel to create a comprehensive security strategy for maximum effectiveness.

Our Canine unit in Nottingham  units serve as a powerful auditory and visible deterrent for potential attackers. Where a guard dog is present, the threat of possible physical harm deters criminals from committing property crimes.

A dogs’ sharp hearing, superior sight and staggering sense of smell senses means they can detect security breaches long before their handlers can see, hear or smell the threat. This makes trained security dogs perfectly suited to guard vacant properties or large exposed sites where suspicious activity may be occurring out of or beyond a security guard’s line of sight.

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Why choose us for your Canine unit in Nottingham ?

Canine unit in Nottingham  from Fast K9 Security Services work in accordance with the Guard Dogs Act of 1975 and the Dangerous Dog Act of 1991. As long as the dogs are kept under control and suitable warning signs are put up and clearly visible at the site entrances, this enables us to deploy canines to defend a customer’s property. In order to comprehend the region and choose the best locations for signs, we conduct site surveys. We supply all signs to ensure that the security activities adhere to the rules of all pertinent legislation. Every guard canine and handler used by Fast K9 Security Services has received specialised training and is regularly inspected. We are proud of the level of training we offer and take your security extremely seriously.

Because only dogs and handlers that satisfy the aforementioned training requirements are used by Fast K9 Security Services, we can assure our clients that we always deliver the highest quality service standards. The risks of working with security dogs are something we are aware of at Fast K9 Security Services, which is why we offer such rigorous training and enforce strict standards. A visible deterrent for your area might be offered by dog protection. It can combat these issues by proactively guarding against site damage, vandalism, and theft. In the UK, we collaborate with a variety of sectors to offer the highest standard of security. We are knowledgeable about the ideal dog breeds for such rigorous training and responsibility thanks to our years of expertise.

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