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In addition, thieves work swiftly, making 24-hour video monitoring essential. When it comes to evading security, most people are aware that they can sneak into an establishment undetected. It doesn’t matter whether an alarm goes off or security spots them; they can still obtain what they want and get off of the property before they’re caught.

It is easier to catch thieves in the act if you have CCTV Security in Canterbury that are constantly monitored by a security personnel. As a result, harm may be avoided and criminals stopped from carrying out their crimes.

Using cameras that aren’t being watched just adds to the evidence that can be utilised in the future. Unfortunately, the thieves have already struck in these instances. As a result, the organisation is likely to lose valuable assets or damage property throughout the process, which may be very expensive and time-consuming to replace.

Intruders are well aware that unattended cameras aren’t checked until after an incident has taken place. If they can hide their identities, they also know that their chances of being discovered and arrested are very low. In order to avoid being recognised on film, many offenders use hoods, masks, or scarves.

To avoid being held responsible for their actions, criminals must first get into and leave a property without being stopped. As a result, criminals need to act quickly. To allow the thief to go before anybody can stop them, many crimes are resolved in a matter of minutes or seconds.

Why choose us for your 24/7 CCTV Security in Canterbury?

There are a number of advantages to installing one or more of our CCTV Security in Canterbury on a building site that is powered by a generator: Solar-powered towers are also an alternative for those who care about the environment. With our CCTV Security in Canterbury, you don’t need to worry about finding a place to put cameras since they are self-standing.


Our battery-powered, completely wireless detectors may be more appropriate if power is not available on site (as is often the case in early construction stages). They may be installed anywhere and have a detection range of around 35 metres (131 feet).


Demolition sites and other places where running cables would be problematic might benefit from not having any. These high-definition images are sent to our monitoring station for evaluation when the detectors are armed. Artificial intelligence (AI) eliminates false alerts, allowing you to rest easy at night knowing that your sirens won’t go off all night, annoying your neighbours.

Using our [page title] P.A.’s system, we may send out warnings to potential intruders that have been shown to be very successful in scaring them away. Intruders are more likely to flee when they know that someone is observing them live rather than an automated alert.

Have questions about surveillance cameras or other security measures, or are looking for a free estimate? Simply get in touch with our pleasant and educated staff now to discuss your needs.

Count on us for everything from system design to installation and commissioning in the realm of CCTV security. Our quick-deployment CCTV towers are becoming more popular, particularly in remote locations without access to mains electricity.

Solar-powered towers are also an alternative for those who care about the environment. As long as we have enough security cameras in store, we can generally ship them out the same day. WiFi cameras may be recorded to laptops, PCs, SD cards, FTP servers, DVR/NVRs, and the cloud.

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