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Welcome to Fast K9 Security, where security meets excellence in Leicester! We take immense pride in offering Dog handler in Leicester security services tailored to safeguard your assets with top-notch dog handling expertise. 

Our dedicated team of trained professionals stands as the pinnacle of security solutions, providing vigilant protection at competitive rates. Rest assured, we’re committed to fortifying your premises with unmatched reliability and unwavering vigilance. Discover the unparalleled peace of mind that comes with our exceptional K9 security services – your trusted shield in Leicester’s security landscape.

Because only dogs and handlers that satisfy the aforementioned training requirements are used by Fast K9 Security Services, we can assure our clients that we always deliver the highest quality service standards. The risks of working with security dogs are something we are aware of at Fast K9 Security Services, which is why we offer such rigorous training and enforce strict standards. 

A visible deterrent for your area might be offered by dog protection. It can combat these issues by proactively guarding against site damage, vandalism, and theft. In the UK, we collaborate with a variety of sectors to offer the highest standard of security. We are knowledgeable about the ideal dog breeds for such rigorous training and responsibility thanks to our years of expertise.

If you’d like additional information or a free estimate, please contact us on 0203 668 3654.

Why choose us for your Dog handler in Leicester?

Dog security overcomes the practical and economical problems associated with assigning a group of security personnel to patrol your property. By patrolling the area on foot and maintaining watch for suspicious activity and security threats, a dog handler and their dog may actively address your problems.

Fast K9 Security recommends clients utilise our guard patrol monitoring software to conveniently follow our dogs and dog handlers’ movements in addition to the dog security. The dog handler must text our 24-hour control centre to let them know when their shift starts and ends. The guard patrol programme then uses NFC technology to precisely and successfully resolve the issue of questions about the attendance of distant Staff.

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