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Differences between Dog security in Leicester and CCTV. Best Choise

Security services utilizing dogs and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems offer distinct advantages and differences in terms of effectiveness and cost:


  1. Nature of Surveillance:

    • Dog Security: Involves specially trained K9 units patrolling and sniffing for potential threats. Dog security in Leicester offer a physical presence that can deter intruders through their keen senses and ability to detect unusual scents.
    • CCTV: Utilizes cameras placed strategically around the premises for constant monitoring. It records visual data but lacks the physical presence of live security personnel.
  2. Response to Threats:

    • Dog Security: Dogs provide an immediate response to suspicious activity. Their trained handlers can swiftly address and contain potential threats.
    • CCTV: Relies on human monitoring or AI algorithms to detect anomalies. It lacks the instant physical intervention that live security personnel, such as dogs, can provide.
  3. Cost Considerations:

    • Dog Security: Initial costs may include the purchase or training of security dogs and handlers. Ongoing costs involve their care, training, and salary for handlers.
    • CCTV: Initial installation costs can be high, but ongoing expenses are relatively lower as it doesn’t involve regular training or upkeep of live animals. However, maintenance and occasional upgrades may incur additional costs.

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Effectiveness and Cost Comparison for Dog security in Leicester:

  • Effectiveness: Both methods have their strengths. Dog security in Leicester provide an immediate response and are adept at detecting intruders through senses that technology might not replicate. CCTV offers continuous monitoring and recording, but it relies on human intervention for response.

  • Cost: Initially, setting up a CCTV system might seem more expensive due to equipment and installation costs. However, over time, CCTV may become more cost-effective due to lower ongoing expenses compared to the continuous training and maintenance required for security dogs and handlers.


The choice between Dog security in Leicester and CCTV depends on various factors including the nature of the site, budget, and specific security needs. Combining both methods might provide an optimal solution by leveraging the strengths of each – immediate response and deterrence from dog security, coupled with constant monitoring and recording from CCTV for comprehensive coverage. Ultimately, the effectiveness and cost considerations should be weighed against the specific requirements of the construction site or any other secured area.

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