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CCTV surveillance keeps an eye on you, your company, or your residence in the event of a break-in or other criminal activities. As a deterrent, we deploy cutting-edge technology to respond quickly to crises and efficiently halt intruders. Before committing a crime, intruders may be given personalised warnings via the use of public address systems. When you’re gone, our remote monitoring can provide you total peace of mind.

A wide number of Perimeter Intrusion Detection techniques have been used by Fast K9 Security, including:

– Microphonic Cable for Fence Detection
– Activated IR Beams
– Underground Copper or Fiber Optic Wiring

We have a wide choice of options for customers with varying needs since we are experienced and reputable CCTV surveillance system suppliers. In order to identify suspicious behaviour, our sophisticated systems use 24-hour surveillance, face recognition, and other cutting-edge software tools. GPS tracking and ARC monitoring with complete reporting are also included in our towers.

Why to choose us for your 24/7 Monitored cctv tower in Dartford?

Using a Monitored cctv tower in Dartford, we can remotely watch your home or business.

It is essential that Fast K9 Security do a thorough risk assessment of the location in order to choose the most appropriate CCTV system and kind of CCTV monitoring.
– With the help of the customer, we identify the best camera kinds and characteristics for the job.
– The customer receives a finished CCTV proposal that includes specifics on the kinds, locations, and purposes of the cameras.
– When the security system is established, the cameras are linked to the monitoring station through the internet. As a result, trained agents may watch the photographs at any time, from anywhere in the world.
Following our ISO 9001 Quality Management System, the system is commissioned and tested as part of the quality assurance process.
– Camera photos are shown to ARC operators when an alert is triggered and an event happens.
– When the intruder has been deterred, the operator will either phone the police or other emergency services or notify the keyholder, depending on what has been agreed upon.
– While the situation is taking place, the operator will give the keyholder, police, or any other emergency services with real-time information.

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