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We are delighted to provide a comprehensive range of services through out Dover city, including CCTV systems, security guards, fire detection and evacuation systems. Our first goal is to maintain your site secure for your Security guard with dog in Birmingham and to do thorough inspections, eventually presenting you with the proper solutions that meet your demands and standards.

Fast K9 Security provides a wide range of services including:

Thefts cost the construction industry £800 million per year in the United Kingdom, with over 7000 metal related thefts recorded per month alone. (Source: Allianz Cornhill Insurance. December 6, 2017)

Our Security guard with dog in Birmingham is a canine that has been specially trained to support law enforcement personnel. It is also known as K-9 or K9 (a homophone of canine). Since the Middle Ages, dogs have been utilised in police enforcement.

At Fast K9 Security, we have found that just having our security dogs around deters potentially dangerous behaviour, such criminal and terrorist actions.

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Why choose us for your Security guard with dog in Birmingham?

When dealing with security incidents involving multiple offenders, the presence of a security dog reduces the risk to Security guard with dog in Birmingham. The superior senses of security dogs can be used to detect distress, identify perpetrators, and reinforce instructions given by professional security guards.

General Purpose Security Patrol Dogs

General-purpose security patrol dogs are specially trained canines used in various security and law enforcement roles. These dogs undergo rigorous training to perform multiple tasks, making them versatile assets in safeguarding and protecting people, property, and sensitive areas. Here are some key characteristics and roles of general-purpose Security guard with dog in Birmingham:

  1. Temperament: These dogs are chosen for their intelligence, agility, and temperament. Breeds commonly used for security purposes include German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, and Doberman Pinschers due to their trainability and protective instincts.

  2. Training: They undergo extensive obedience, agility, and socialization training. They are taught to respond to various commands from their handlers swiftly and accurately.

  3. Physical Attributes: They are strong, agile, and possess excellent senses of smell and hearing, making them adept at detection and tracking.

  4. Adaptability: These dogs can work in various environments, including urban areas, buildings, open spaces, and in different weather conditions.

Other aeas covered by our Security guard with dog in Birmingham.

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