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We specialize in crafting dependable safety solutions to establish secure environments for individuals in your vicinity. Safety is a paramount concern, particularly for A-list personalities, politicians, celebrities, and other prominent figures. Our mission is to alleviate the constant apprehension for personal safety. Our approachable experts ensure amicable interactions in public spaces, always within established safety parameters.

Fast K9 Security employs Dog Handlers, proactively preventing service disruptions. Our security services are strategically designed to identify and address issues as they arise. Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge, we have earned a lasting place in the hearts of our clients.

As an authorized provider of K9 dog security services across various domains, we offer expertise in manned guarding and bomb detection. Our adept team is well-equipped to execute tasks while strictly adhering to safety protocols.

We are an authorised provider of K9 security services in a range of fields. Whether you need our K9 units for manned guarding or bomb detection, we are fit to perform the job following the safety protocols

Complete our free, no-obligation contact form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. or you can also contact us by phone 0203 668 3654.

Dog Handlers - FAQs

We have a track record of success stories and case studies showcasing the tangible benefits of using security dog units for property security. These real-world examples highlight our expertise.

es, in addition to security dog units, we offer a range of security services such as manned guards, event security, door control, and a wide range of enforcement services, ensuring comprehensive protection for your property.

Dog Handlers provide round-the-clock security coverage, ensuring your property remains safeguarded even during non-operational hours.

To inquire about or a short/long contract for  Dog Handlers, you can contact us via email at or call Rachel at 0203 668 3654. Our helpful team will guide you through the process.

The safety and well-being of our security dogs are paramount. We adhere to high standards of care and training to ensure their comfort and safety while on duty.

Yes, Fast K9 Security Ltd. operates within ethical and legal boundaries, adhering to industry regulations and standards to ensure responsible and effective security solutions.

Absolutely; we offer customizable security solutions that can be tailored to match the specific security needs of your property, ensuring a perfectly suited approach.

What Can Our Dog Handlers be used for?

As a prominent security company, Fast K9 Securtiy Ltd. provides Dog Handlers. Our exceptionally skilled dogs are adept at discerning when and how to respond with utmost intensity. Explore the array of security services available:

Door Supervisors
Static Manned Guarding
Key Holding
Event Security and Stewarding
House Sitting
VIP Escorting and Personal Security
Tactical Support Units (High Profile)
Vehicle Transportation Protection
High Value Asset Protection

Dog Handlers undergo training to shield individuals from unwelcome intruders, burglars, or attackers, providing an effective means to safeguard both you and your family.

These Dog Handlers are extensively trained to exhibit obedience and sociability around family members, ensuring a safe environment, particularly with children.

While there is a range of breeds employed for personal protection, German Shepherds remain a preferred choice among dog handlers due to their innate protective instincts towards their owners.

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