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Monitored cctv tower in Ashford

Protect your premises with our 24/7 Monitored cctv tower in Ashford

Need 24/7 Monitored cctv tower in Ashford?

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Are you on the lookout for a business that can install and maintain a Monitored cctv tower in Ashford?

Use our Monitored cctv tower in Ashford to lessen the risk of fire and theft on your property. Using the evidence captured by our CCTV system, you can bring criminal charges against anyone found in violation of the law.

Our Monitored cctv tower in Ashford has been extremely effective in preventing theft, vandalism, and other significant violations on the site.

It is possible for Fast K9 Security to assist in preventing burglaries and thefts through the design and installation of surveillance systems. Additionally, these cameras can be used in the event of an accident to provide valuable evidence. When it comes to monitoring your employees’ conduct or time management, this is a common use for them. In order to keep your property safe, the most important thing is to keep it free of illegal activities.

Because of:

  • Every hour of every day, our NSI gold monitoring centre keeps a close eye on your website.
  • Preventing theft and vandalism from taking place in your home or business.
  • Being alert and on the lookout for anything that doesn’t seem normal or right.
  • To ensure the safety of all employees and visitors.


All of our service’s footage can be monitored and preserved remotely to aid in criminal prosecution.

Why choose us for your 24/7 Monitored cctv tower in Ashford?

As a visual deterrent, CCTV cameras can drastically reduce theft and damage. Some examples of these locations are new construction projects, industrial facilities, vacant lands, and business parks. Any location can benefit from our 24/7 video surveillance system.

Their dependability is guaranteed by the most up-to-date technology available from Fast K9 Security. It is possible to detect threats properly and reduce false alarms thanks to our cutting-edge video analysis software.

You may rely on us to help you find a [page title] that is both effective and thorough for your website.

Fast K9 Security employs a wide range of cameras, including short and long-range cameras, as well as 360-degree PTZ cameras, to satisfy the specific needs of your building site. We are well-versed in the ever-changing demands of today’s building business. All of our security techniques and procedures are developed with cutting-edge technology. Our customised security solutions are available to a wide range of businesses and building sites at cheap prices. It is our job to ensure the protection of your employees and their belongings as well as your property and equipment.

Our cutting-edge central monitoring station provides remote monitoring of the CCTV system at the building site of Fast K9 Security. Our security crew notifies the proper emergency authorities and the designated keyholder as soon as any strange activity is seen.

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