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Protect your premises with our 24/7 Mobile cctv towers in Canterbury

Need 24/7 Mobile cctv towers in Canterbury?

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Our Mobile cctv towers in Canterbury has a 200-metre range and can instantly detect any intruders that enter your premises. When an intrusion is detected, our security staff is ready to react quickly and undertake an investigation.
Furthermore, why should you utilise Fast K9 Security? Fast K9 Security is essential for keeping an eye on the tower. It is vital to understand the relevance of ensuring proper protection for your building site.
Thieves and vandals cost the UK construction industry an estimated £800 million every year. In addition to the necessity to replace or repair expensive equipment, theft and vandalism result in an increase in insurance costs.

Security measures such as signs or fences are often ineffectual in preventing or dealing with thieves or intruders. Every day, professional criminals confront this reality. The best method to safeguard the safety of your building site is to install a complete security system capable of rapidly detecting any intrusion.

Why choose us for your 24/7 Mobile cctv towers in Canterbury?

Solar-powered towers are also an alternative for those who care about the environment. As long as we have enough security cameras in store, we can generally ship them out the same day. WiFi cameras may be recorded to laptops, PCs, SD cards, FTP servers, DVR/NVRs, and the cloud.

With our Mobile cctv towers in Canterbury, you’re not paying for someone to monitor your cameras around the clock, which is impracticable and over the top. Rather, a signal is automatically sent from the site’s monitored CCTV cameras to a monitoring station 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever there is any suspicious activity.

As a result, detectors are required to be connected to all monitored CCTV systems. Also, since sites aren’t monitored live 24/7, your employees aren’t being actively observed during working hours at an office with monitored CCTV systems. Our monitoring team will only connect to your site when an alert is set, which means that your privacy is much enhanced in this situation. Modern AI (artificial intelligence) technologies make it feasible to integrate motion detection into the camera itself.

Upgrade to a monitored CCTV system, which provides you with both video and audio surveillance of your property at all times. The greatest degree of protection is provided by CCTV monitoring, which means that if your alarm is activated, our monitoring crew will arrive quickly, listen, observe, and record activities – and respond accordingly (calling the emergency services if necessary).

The best exterior security system on the market combines artificial intelligence-enhanced CCTV with 24-hour monitoring. It is optimal for outside security to have AI watch your CCTV cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to guarantee high levels of dependability and accuracy when detecting intruders.

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